So summer has officially begun for my household today and let’s just say the month of June will be a busy start for us. School is getting out today and we have family arriving later this evening and staying with us for two weeks. I’m excited for this because we haven’t seen them in nearly two years and Montana is just too far away to visit more. We have carnivals and parades (the whole family volunteers for a local non-profit organization that runs a haunted path in October.) We’ve also got a wedding in three weeks that my son is a part of and my grandmother coming up to visit from Texas for a week. Talk about a busy start! Not to mention what will be happening the rest of summer!


My son and I have signed up for the reading challenges at our local library as well. His goal is to read 40 books by the end of summer which I know he can easily do but with everything going on it will be a bit more difficult to get reading time in. I do have to comment that the Adult reading challenge is going to be extremely fun for me. We do Reading Bingo. Each square has a different theme for a type of book and as you read that type then you check it off. Once you get a Bingo, you turn it in for the next Bingo card and you get entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of summer. I’m pretty stoked about it and some of the squares on the first board are interesting. I’ve already got one checked off and no, it’s not the free square.

I’ve been working on the new website a lot lately. I was hoping to have it up last month but that didn’t quite happen so now I am trying to get it finished before the end of this month. I’ve also been editing my first novel. I haven’t fully decided on a title (kind of a pantser over here) but right now it’s called Savior. I’m on the third draft right now and thinking maybe one more round of edits and it might be ready for Beta Readers and possibly Critique Partners. I haven’t decided which order is going to work best for me, yet, but if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can do so here.


Anyway, there is a quick update and I might not post as much this month due to how busy I am this month but I am trying to get the new website going soon!


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