Not what I want…

I started this blogging journey almost three months ago now. I just came to the realization over the past week that this site is not what I want now. I love reading books and I love sharing those books with others but since I was new to the blogging community then, I just went with it and didn’t know what exactly I was doing.

Now it’s been a few months and I’ve come to the realization that I want to not only share with others the books I’m reading but also the books I am writing and maybe some of my Flash Fiction works. However, I’ve made quite a mess out of this site that I don’t think that I will be able to fix it on here.

So, my plan is to take this week and start a new blog that will better reflect who I am and what I like. I will eventually be closing this site down and completely moving to the other one but for now I’m going to leave it up until I get the other one completely sorted out. Thank you to everyone that has been following me on here and I hope that once I get the new one up that you will still follow me on that one as well! This has been quite the learning experience for myself and I’m starting to figure out more about who I am and what I like as I go along.

Thank you!!


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