My Favorite YouTubers!


When I began writing again, I wanted to get a better feel for the writing community, so one of the things I did was start watching videos on YouTube. A lot of them have so many helpful tips and tricks to the industry that I re-watch their videos when I get to that point in my writing process and smile or nod in acknowledgement as I share in the same grievances. So, here is a list of the one’s I follow and if there are some that you like but are not listed here, leave a comment so the rest of us can check them out, too!

  • Alwritey: I haven’t yet watched many of her videos but still she seems to have a lot of good tips
  • Jenna Moreci: She is hilarious but some of her content might want to be watched after kids are in bed. She does use language not always appropriate for all audiences but she makes it funny. She also has some amazing tips on basically every step in the writing process!
  • Katytastic: She can also be pretty funny but in a softer way than Jenna and she has amazing tips while doing vlogs on book reviews.
  • Kristen Martin: She has a few books out already and has some pretty awesome tips!
  • ShaelinWrites: I recently started watching her and I still have more of her videos to watch but she also gives some tips for writers.
  • WordNerds: These girls are amazing! They have tips on nearly every subject and do book reviews along with tons of other videos!
  • Kim Chance: She has amazing tips for writers!

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