The Darkest Kiss By: Gena Showalter

The Darkest Kiss

By: Gena Showalter


 5 stars

I think I have been fully ensnared into the world of Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series. The Darkest Kiss is the tale between Anya, goddess of Anarchy, and Lucien, who holds the Demon of Death inside him. However, it also continues the plot of needing to find Pandora’s Box making it somewhat of a stand alone novel and yet you need to read the first one to fully understand what’s happening in this one. And I absolutely love how Gena Showalter can do that! I hope that one day I can intertwine my series as beautifully as she has done with this one!

Anyways, Lucien is hell-bent (pun intended) to keep a distance between himself and Anya. He can feel his body wanting her, craving her, but doesn’t believe she feels as strongly for him or that she is merely using him. Anya, however, is smitten with the scarred warrior but holds secrets that she’s not ready to give up for anyone. That is until she realizes how in love with Lucien she is.

This series is totally captivating. I just bought the next four books in the series and am secretly craving them so badly. I highly recommend this series. It is utterly fantastic!


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