Valiant By: Holly Black


By: Holly Black


4.5 stars

This is the second book in the modern faerie tale series and has been the grounds for more controversy. Like in Tithe, Holly Black shows us how our world is or has been corrupted when the main character, Val, runs away from home and meets up with a group of kids that does a drug called Never. This drug isn’t just any drug, though. It’s the drug meant to help the faeries currently living among the iron of New York City.

Val meets one of the faeries and ends up doing deliveries of the drug for him but the roles reverse and he is then in dept to Val. Val finds that she is falling for him and does whatever she can to prove his innocence in a plan set to destroy him as well as the Unseelie king.

I was slightly disappointed that this book didn’t follow Kaye and Roiben as I was craving them after I finished Tithe, but this book was still pretty good and helped to introduce some of the characters needed for the third and final book of the series. I highly recommend it!


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