Tithe By: Holly Black


By: Holly Black


5 stars

I remember reading this series back when it first came out while I was in high school and I had loved it then, although, I couldn’t remember much of what had happened in the book. So, I decided I wanted to give it another read and I wasn’t disappointed.

Holly Black has a way of letting you into a world that very well could be hidden in ours. She writes our world as it is: corrupted. This has led to some people not liking this series (Modern Faerie Tales)  because it is supposed to be a YA novel but contains situations that are not normally found in YA books. For example, smoking, drinking, and swear words but all these things add to the story.

Kaye is a young girl that thinks that she has the Sight, the ability of a few humans to see faeries, but finds out she’s more than just human and is now being offered as a sacrifice to the Unseelie court to keep the solitary faeries (the ones not totally ruled by any court) under the Unseelie Queen’s rule. However, Kaye tricks one of the Unseelie knights out of his name and finds that she is falling for the knight, Roiben

I could go on and on about how much I loved this book but it would contain way too many spoilers and I want you to read it without me giving it all away. I highly recommend this book.


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