King’s Cage by: Victoria Aveyard

King’s Cage (Red Queen Series)

By: Victoria Aveyard


5 stars

This book starts out with Mare’s captivity and I was honestly surprised by some of the character’s reactions in this book. From Evangeline to Maven, I was shocked but that shock factor seemed to aid the story in my eyes. Another shocker to me was seeing another person’s point of view in this book. I like books where you can see other parts or other things that are happening through one of the other character’s eyes but the first two books didn’t have this feature and it sort of caught me off guard. The other part that shocked me about the changing point of views was the character it was coming from. I expected Cal or even Farley’s point of view but not Cameron’s.

I guess that’s a testament to Victoria Aveyard’s talent. Anyways, this novel was a bit more exciting than Glass Sword was. There was more action and stuff in this one that was perfect and new characters to replace the ones lost in the previous book. However, I hated the ending and if you’ve read the book , you’ll understand why. I hit panic mode and thought that was the end of the series. I was happy to find out it’s not! So until the next book, that we have to wait a year for, I recommend you read this one!


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