Another Book Haul

I have been waiting all day to post this one. I knew it was coming but had to wait for the mailman who seems to take his time when it comes to delivering packages as it is nearly 2:30 in the afternoon but he finally came through!

Ta da! My latest haul! Not much compared to how many books I have recently purchased but I have to say that I’m overly excite about Lifeblood! I had it pre-ordered for two weeks now and I can’t wait to delve back into that world and see what Gena Showalter has to say about Ten’s journey in the afterlife.

Speaking of Gena Showalter, you might notice a theme with this haul. They are all her books! I love Gena Showalter ever since I read her first book nearly ten years ago but since I took a break from reading now I have to play catch up and that’s exactly what this is, my catch up on one of my favorite authors!


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