Red Queen By: Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen

By: Victoria Aveyard


5 stars

Mare is just a lowly red who can barely keep her family alive. She steals to save them until stealing puts her and her family in danger. That’s when she meets Cal and gets sent through a whirlwind of events that leads to Mare becoming betrothed to Maven, Cal’s brother and a Silver prince, but Mare finds out she’s different. Mare is different from her red brethren but not on the same level as the Silver nobles she finds herself surrounded by. But what happen’s when Mare realizes, in the worst possible way, that anyone can betray anyone? Who can you trust?

I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I would like this book at first as I read the first few pages but as I began to read more, I realized I was falling in love with the story. The action keeps you going at a nice, easy pace. It’s not overwhelming and allows you time to process what’s happening. The character’s are engaging and have the perfect amount of depth, making them come to life before your eyes.

I would recommend this to anyone. The writing is perfect and the characters help to define the story. I’m a sucker for series’ and have begun to read the second one, Glass Sword. I can’t wait to see where Mare’s journey takes her as she realizes who and what she is.


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