Borrowed Haul

So I recently got back into really reading again after quite a long time. Unfortunately, during my time away, my book shelf dwindle drastically. In fact, this is what I had left of my once amazing collection:

So, my cousin who is as big a fan of reading as I am borrowed me the stack of books in the first picture to help me get going again. I am currently reading the Lovely Bones and Water for Elephants was recommended to me by my son’s best friend’s mom.

The other books were once my cousin thought I would like and I honestly can’t wait to start reading them. Only problem is that I recently went on a major book haul from the book store 45 minutes from me and now I have a major stack of to be reads that I can’t wait to read. Now I’m on a mission to finish all these books so I can buy more. Anyone else have this happen? I’m intoxicated with new books and can’t wait to read them all!


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