Witch Wood By: Melanie Karsak

Witch Wood: The Harvesting Series Book 2.5

By: Melanie Karsak


5 stars

Amazon has this book listed as book 4 but it’s really book 2.5. (In case you’re looking for it.) It’s also the book that leads into the last book of the series.

Witch Wood follows a young girl named Amelia as the horrible flue hits her small town. Amelia, who practices Wicca and takes care of an elderly woman at Witch Wood Manor, finds herself knee-deep in trouble as she tries to save her friend and crush from the horrible flu that took her town overnight.

Amelia is another strong female lead of Melanie’s and is surrounded by a new slew of equally interesting and in-depth characters. Amelia is the last of the three leads that we hear from but her story is just as powerful. Melanie Karsak surprises me again with her tale. I highly recommend this book but I am sure that if you have read my other reviews and the other books in this series then I don’t need to tell you why!

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