Midway:The Harvesting Series by: Melanie Karsak

Midway: The Harvesting Series Book 1.5

By: Melanie Karsak


5 stars

This is a shorter book than the first one and Amazon has it listed as book 2 but it’s really half a book and is listed on Goodreads as book 1.5, the precursor into book 2 of the series. This book gives you a glimpse into the life of Cricket, a carnie and tilt girl. It follows her and a few newfound friends in their journey to find a safe haven during the flu outbreak. Just like Layla, Cricket is a strong, independent lead, but their strengths are different, bringing another force to the story along with her mangy mutt, Puck, and tarot reader, Vella.

This is another one of Melanie Karsak’s books that I have nothing bad to say about it other than the fact I was scared we had seen the last of Layla and the Hameltville survivors, but there was a slew of new character’s brought into the mix. Melanie Karsak did an amazing job of reeling me in and making me hunger for more.

I highly recommend this book as well especially if you are into the apocalypse, urban fiction, and strong female leads thing! There are twists and turns at every corner and you won’t want to miss you on this amazing series!

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